May 22, 2013

More Brand-New BATMAN TOYS and Products To Search For!

I've been collecting Batman stuff for about 25 years and have experienced times when there is hardly anything new to buy, not right now! Today there is almost MORE stuff out there than any regular human can afford to buy, ha! So, what I do is only pick out what I think is the most interesting. I should add that none of the items I am reporting here are on that list!

Well, OK, this first item is actually kind of fun and I will probably get one of these. This is a Batman Can-Hugger that they sell at Wal-Mart for about $2.00, not a bad price. Yes, this is IN stores right now. Our friend Paul found this on a recent trip and sent us this cool pic (Thanks Paul).

Next up is a small example of a few UGLYDOLLS Plush Toys that will be coming out later. Two of them are variations on Batman and then they're making one of Superman. They're kinda cute. I like the UGLYDOLLS Toy Line and this concept could maybe take off, we'll see.

Lat, but not least, is a photo showing the second wave of brand-new series of BATMAN RETRO 8" Figures of The Penguin, Dick Grayson, Bruce Wayne, and Catwoman. Some Vintage Toy Collectors might recognize these as exact reproductions of the classic 1970's Mego Dolls. Yes, I said, "Dolls", because that's what they called them back then, ha!

These are made by the Figure Toy Company and are a part of their “World’s Greatest Heroes” toy line & you can find them around August, 2013.

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