May 22, 2013


Here are 2 photos I was going to post individually until I noticed that they're both very similar. Yes, it's pretty obvious that they're both kinda funny and also based on the design of the bat-symbol logo. I guess you could also say that they're both "Fashion-related" too, ha!

The 1st photo is of a brand-new, extremely limited, T-Shirt that sort of makes fun of THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy movie logo. It's a picture of that BAT sleeping upside-down in a cage. Now if you want this shirt you better hurry-up and get it because this T-Shirt company's gimmick is that they only offer a design for one week. Their URL is on the photo.

Next, is a picture submitted by a Bat-Blog Fan. I don't think it is of him but a pic he found online. Yes, it's another beard trimmed in the Batman style, a "Bat-Stache", ha! Hey, he did a pretty good job on it, it's sharp!

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