April 12, 2013

Vicki's Incredible BATMAN TOYS, MEMORABILIA and ACTION FIGURE Toy Collection Photos!

Right now the BAT-BLOG is proud to present these extremely fun pics of a very cool BATMAN Memorabilia and Toy Collection. This stuff belongs to a Woman named Vicki and she lives all the way in Joliet, Illinois. In case you're curious this city is about an hour away from Chicago. But hey, ain't nobody got time for that! Check out this amazing stuff!! (More pics down below. Oh yeah, and click on them for larger versions)

OK, Vicki is a Toy Collector who takes pride in displaying her toys properly, that's very cool. My stuff is a total mess, ha! She has BATMAN Batmobile Toy Cars, Action Figures, Hot Wheels, PEZ, Nodders, Tin Signs, Lunch Boxes, Dolls, Store Displays, and much MUCH more!

Thanks Vicki for sharing your wonderful photos, I appreciate that and I always love seeing other people's collections!!



Joliet Dave said...

Wow, someone else in Joliet with a collection like mine!

Joliet Dave said...

That's as bad as mine and I live in Joliet too!