April 12, 2013

Megh's Awesome BATMAN BAT-SYMBOL LOGOS Tattoo Art Photo!

The other day, over at our Official BAT-BLOG Facebook Page, we received a really great photo of a person who just got some bat-ink done. Her name is Megh and she has been going through the process of getting some Batman Bat-Symbol Logo graphics on her leg. I teased her about if she cried or not and she said, "No, I braced myself. But it was pretty bad, the one by my ankle and the two at the top that wrap around to the back of my calf were extremely sensitive areas and hurt the worst."

Well, Megh, the pain was totally worth it because these look really good. I mean, very well done. Thanks for sharing your fun pic. 

Also, this Bat-Tat was created by an Artist named Shane Humphreys who works at MARK OF THOR in Youngwood, PA. 

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