April 19, 2013

Various Random Wild and Wacky BATMAN Sightings!

OK, I know the title to this post is pretty weak, ha ha, but the pictures here are really great and a lot of fun! I just thought it would be nice to gather a few pics that have recently came in, and put them all together. Hey, come on, check this out!

This 1st photo was sent in to us by a friend at FACEBOOK. His name is Andrew and this pic is really cool for two reasons. One, look at this amazing Wedding Cake Topper that his Wife had custom-made for their special day. The Groom is wearing a Batman Costume! Plus, the facial likeness of both people are dead-on perfect! Then, two, check out those BATMAN LOGO Cuff Links he's sporting... sweet! ( Thanks Andrew and Congrats on the whole wedding thing, lucky! )

Here's a random photo I came across while surfing the web. I guess at some Custom Car Show, or maybe a Comic Con event, the Dallas Cowdoy Cheerleaders got to check out the 1966 Batmobile, Hubba Hubba!

Then, last but not least, is this very cool photo showing the Original Batman DARK KNIGHT Movie Bat-Suit on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Tons of other famous costumes were there as well. In this picture we also get to see Kate Winslet's TITANIC outfit on the left and Meryl Streep's costume from OUT OF AFRICA on the right ( Thanks Cyndi ).

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