April 19, 2013

Brand-New Very Cool BATMAN Product - The BAT-SYMBOL Decorative Wall Hook by 3M

Here's a quick post to share a really fun pic of a brand-new BATMAN item that is in stores right now. This photo was sent to us by a friend on the Official BAT-BLOG TWITTER Page. Her name is Nancy and she was sweet enough to share this awesome new "Batman" thing she found at her local Super Target Store.

This is a BATMAN BAT-SYMBOL Decorative Wall Hook made by 3M. The photo should explain everything but basically it sticks on the wall, without damaging it, and you can hang stuff. I really like this! (Thank you Nancy, you ROCK! ).

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Bat Coolector said...

Very nice (bat)blog you got going here! Have actually started collecting diecast models myself - specifically movie cars from Hotwheels. Was planning to include Batmobile diecast models unfortunately, there is quite a lot - not only from Hotwheels, Corgi, JL, and now Tomica!!! waaahhhh!!!