April 19, 2013

Scott Derby's BATMAN-INSPIRED B.A.T. SHARK REPELLENT SPRAY Screenprint Art Print Poster

"B.A.T. Shark Repellent Spray"
18" x 24" 4-color Screenprint
on #100 cover French Speckletone Madero Beach
Signed and Numbered Edition of 66

LOL! Check out this amazing piece of POP ART created by a very talented Artist (and Batman Fan! ) named Scott Derby. He created this Screenprinted Art Print for the
PRODUCT PLACEMENT Art Show at Gallery Nineteen Eighty-Eight (East) in Los Angeles, CA.

Unfortunately I didn't know about this event when it was going on and the show has ended. But, they are still selling a few remaining items & you can still get a few remaining items. The show also contained many other prints that were all Pop Culture-related, there was even a very cool 1950's Style Batmobile one too, for more information just CLICK HERE!

Artist's Statement:
"The first thing that introduced me to the magic of pop culture was the 1966 Adam West Batman TV show. It's one of the first things I remember watching on TV, and I still watch it to this day, but this time I watch it with my son.... SO when this show came about, I felt like I had to do something based on all of the wonderful gadgets that Batman had at his disposal..."
Also, if you want to enjoy more eye candy then you can visit the Artist's website by clicking RIGHT HERE!

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