March 3, 2013

First Look at the New Mezco 1966 BATMAN AND ROBIN Mez-Itz Figures!

Ever since the last 2013 TOY FAIR all of us Bloggers who cover "Toy Collecting" have been scrambling to get our greedy paws on all the latest toy news photos we can, whew! So... Hey, check this out! 

MEZCO finally released some pics showing what the Classic 1966 BATMAN TV Series Mez-Itz Figures are gonna look like. We also get to see the 1966 Batmobile ( even though we already showcased a few pics of that car here before ). 

WOW! I still can't believe they're finally making toys of the Adam West and Burt Ward characters. It feels like I have been waiting 40+ years for this to happen! In fact, until I hold some in my actual hands, I'm just not going to believe it, ha!!

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