March 5, 2013

New BATMAN Merchandise To Keep An Eye Out For!

Every now and then I randomly check out a website called SUPERHERO STUFF to see if they have any brand-new BATMAN Merchandise to report on. The cool thing is that they almost always do. Here are a few fresh items I thought were pretty cool.

The first 2 photos here show a new Batman Bi-fold Wallet that has a cool retro-style. The artwork also seems to be embossed, which is kinda neat. Yes, I need this.

Next up is something for the Ladies! OK, I guess Men could wear it too, if they wanted to feel pretty. Here is a "Corset-Style" Lace-Up Tube Top... with the BATMAN Bat-Symbol Logo! Hubba Hubba!

Now for something serious. We reported awhile back here at the BAT-BLOG about a huge assortment of Batman and DC Comics related Window Decals. Well, I guess they're selling pretty well because they have added a few news ones. Now, while most of these are done in a strict "Comic Book" style they have also created a series of cute "DC Super Friends" stickers too.

Last, but not least, is a totally new BATMAN Metal Lunch Box with wrap-around graphics of the Dark Knight ( Comic Book version ).

Oh yeah, you can find all this stuff for sale at this LINK, just CLICK HERE!

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