March 3, 2013

BATMAN Toy Collector Reference Photos - Takara TOMY vs Mattel Hot Wheels

OK, Here at the Bat-Blog we recently did a post about some new Diecast Batmobile Toy Cars that are being made in Japan for the Japanese market.  They're called "Takara Dream Cars" and are being made by TOMY. 

Well, when I did the post ( CLICK HERE ), I didn't know the exact size or scale of these. A lot of the info was pulled off Japanese websites and that stuff is really hard for me to translate. Anyways, a Bat-Blog Fan, who owns some of these original toys, was very kind and shot a few photos for us.

As you can see from the 1st photo the Takara Car has way more attention to detail and, to me anyways, seems more accurate. Then, the 2nd pic shows how they are just a little bit smaller than Hot Wheels. This is a great comparison because almost everybody knows the standard size of American Hot Wheels ( THANKS DUDE!! ).

Now, this is where I feel kinda bad. I forgot to write down the name of the person who took these photos so that when I got around to doing this post I could thank him in person. I ALWAYS try to mention the names of contributors. But, for some reason, I totally screwed-up. So, he knows who he is...and I wanna thank him for taking these wonderful photos.

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