January 31, 2012

COOL BATMAN GRAPHICS - Steampunk Art Posters!!

Over at the BUZZFEED website they recently showcased a ton of extremely cool Graphics and Vintage-Style Art Posters inspired by "Steampunk" and the Dark Knight himself, The BATMAN! Shown here are a few examples ( some of my favorites ) but I'm only sharing a few of the many pieces of art they exhibited and there's some really great stuff there! For more information & even more scrumptious eye-candy, CLICK HERE!

AN EVENING WITH ADAM WEST - The Podcast of the Event is Now Online!!

Greetings Good Citizens. You might remember the BAT-BLOG hyping the Event of the Century, AN EVENING WITH ADAM WEST! Well, it happened a few days ago & the show totally sold-out. Yes, it was a complete success! But, if you're like me and couldn't go because it was so far away, the good news is you can hear the interview as an Online Podcast! I checked it out last night & it's extremely entertaining. They went through Adam West's very long career and it was a lot of fun. Not as great as actually being there, but really, it's cool! Plus, I don't want to spoil anything but within the interview Mr. West shared some extremely important news that every Bat-Fan is gonna love! It totally blew me away!

Here's a LINK ( Click Here ) to listen to the Podcast. You can listen for free online or you can download it from iTunes for a small donation of $2.00 or more. The donations, like the money raised from the event, all go towards helping to pay for Adam West's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

January 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Christian Bale!

According to our Bat-Blog History Files today is a very special day! Christian Charles Philip Bale was born on January 30th, 1974. He was raised in England & had his 1st film role at the age of 13. He was in Steven Spielberg's 1987 movie, Empire of The Sun. He played a lost English Boy who, separated from his Parents, grew-up in a Japanese Internment Camp during World War II. Later, he had one of his 1st most iconic roles playing the Serial Killer Patrick Bateman in the 2000 movie, American Psycho! Then, of course, starting with Christopher Nolan's 2005 BATMAN BEGINS, he has been the most recent Actor to play Bruce Wayne/Batman. We all look forward to seeing him in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES! Happy Birthday Christian Bale!! Oh yeah, I've posted a few "Dreamy Hunk" Wallpapers... for the Ladies to drool over!
CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Film Wallpaper Backgrounds!

Random Funny BATMAN HUMOR Photos - HA HA!

Here's a few random funny BATMAN-related Humor Photos that will, hopefully, brighten your day! The 1st one is a great parody on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Poster. Next-up is a screenshot ( Thanks BatDave ) from TV's "Big Bang Theory" showing Sheldon with a Vintage-Style BATMAN T-Shirt. OK, it's not really funny unless you're a fan of the show. Then, it's hilarious! Then the last photo is some NAIL ART inspired by Vintage Comic Books ( very well done ).

January 29, 2012

GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Wallpapers - The Art of Stephanie Buscema

Here at the BAT-BLOG.COM we recently did a small profile on an amazing Graphic Artist named Stephanie Buscema. Her Artwork has a wonderful retro-style and people totally love it! So, using some art Stephanie had sent us I made some "Gotham City Girls" Wallpaper Backgrounds. They include: Batgirl ( 2 versions ), 1940's Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Please be sure to visit her website for even way more delicious eye candy! Just CLICK HERE!

Video - DC NATION PROMO by Aardman Animations

I've been meaning to post this for a few days. Here's a brand-new DC NATION Promo for the Cartoon Network. It's some really cool Stop-Motion Claymation that was created by Aardman Animations Studio. Yes, the Creative Team that does "Wallace and Gromit", among others. This video features a ton of DC Comics characters such as: Superman, Batman and Robin, Catwoman and The Joker! Enjoy.

CLICK HERE For More Batman Cartoon Network DC Nation Video!

January 28, 2012

Brand-New BATMAN Invisible Ink Books with Stickers

Here's a fun Batman item to keep an eye out for! Shown here are two brand-new BATMAN Activity Books made by Lee Publications for 2012. The idea is to use your Magic Invisible Ink Pen to fill in the dotted areas revealing invisibly printed pictures and answers. Then match your stickers to the appropriate spot. The books each measure about 5 1/2" x 8 1/8" with 23 pages of adventure! You can find them at many retail stores but I was told that they're actually cheaper to buy directly from their website, just click HERE!

VIDEO - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Opening Credits Fan-Made Trailer

Check out this extremely impressive fan-made THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Opening Credits (Intro) Video that a very talented Graphic Art Student, named Doğan Can Gündoğdu, made for a Digital Video Processing lesson at Bahcesehir University.

CLICK HERE For More Batman The Dark Knight Rises Video!

January 27, 2012

COME SEE ROBIN THE BOY WONDER! Burt Ward To Appear at Wal-Mart This Weekend!

To promote his New Brand of GENTLE GIANTS WORLD CLASS CANINE CUISINE Dog Food, Burt Ward will be appearing LIVE this weekend at the Wal-Mart Super Center in Baldwin Park, CA! He'll be there both days, Saturday, January 28th & Sunday, the 29th (2012). The schedule is 9:00 am till 4:00 pm, each day! With every purchase of a Bag of GENTLE GIANT Dog Food you'll also get a FREE Autographed Photo of "Robin, the Boy Wonder"! Plus, they will have a 1966 Batmobile Car on-site where you can get your picture taken in the Driver's Seat. YES, you can actually SIT INSIDE THE BATMOBILE, ha! So, bring the Kids and your camera!!


Over at Artist NEAL ADAMS Website ( NealAdams.Com ) they now have an EXCLUSIVE Sketchbook that you can only get there! I'm serious, they will not be selling this special book at Retail Stores or Comic Book Conventions! It's very limited to only 500 copies & once they're gone that's it! The book will also be signed and numbered. Plus, something cool is the price is pretty decent too, only $20.00. Now, I've been told that only 4 pages will be BATMAN related but there is also plenty of other great artworks to enjoy. The photo we show here, of the classic "Train Wreck" scene from BATMAN: ODYSSEY, is in there! This book ships around February 10th, 2012. So, this is a Pre-Order Only at this time. Grab your low number now. Oh yeah, it has 32 Black & White Pages and a Color Cover. For more info check out NEALADAMS.COM


The BAT-BLOG.COM has a Friend over on Facebook named Erik who lives in Denmark. Erik was kind enough to send us some very cool photos of his BATMAN TATTOO Art. It looks like he has the DARK KNIGHT MOVIE Logo on the center of his back, the Classic Bat-Logo on his right shoulder, and I think the most recent is the BATMAN FIGURE on his lower back. The artwork is really cool. Now, that's a Serious Bat-Fan!! Thanks Erik for sharing these pics and please let the Tattoo Artists know that we think they have done an excellent job on all of these!
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Dark Knight Rises movie!

JUSTICE LEAGUE - DOOM - Animated Movie Premiere at NYC Paley Center

Next month, Warner Bros Video and MTV Geek are teaming-up to present the Movie Premiere of the next DC Entertainment Original Animated Film, JUSTICE LEAGUE: DOOM! It will be at the Paley Center For Media in New York City on February 13th, 2012 at 6:30. Most of the Voice Actors and Production Team will be there to sign autographs. Yes, come meet Batman, Kevin Conroy! The actual DVD will be released on February 28th. The tickets for this Premiere Event are FREE, but the loophole is you have to be a Member of the Paley Center and, of course, tickets are limited. For more info on that, click the link down below:

Paley Center for Media
25 West 52 Street
New York, NY 10019

New BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Statues and Busts Coming out!

Over at the IDLE HANDS website they recently got their hands on some top-secret promotional material for a few of the brand-new BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Statues and Busts that will be coming out later this year. They appear to be coming out around June/July of 2012.

First, there's a Set of 3 ICON 12" Full-Figure Statues of Batman, Bane, and Catwoman. Then, there are 3 Busts featuring the same characters. The busts will actually come out one month earlier, in June. One cool thing about these photos is we get a better look at Anne Hathaway's CATWOMAN Costume, the Cat-Suit! Check out the Metallic Heels on those Boots. They look like they can do some serious damage!

January 25, 2012

BLACK AND WHITE BATMAN - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

For this week's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" I thought I would post some FREE BATMAN WALLPAPERS with a Bat-History Theme. Basically, we're covering there major moments: The Golden Age 1940's with the Batman Serial Movie, the 1966 Batman TV Show, and a more Modern-Day version, "Batman: Noel" the Graphic Novel. Please choose which ever one you like the best and if you totally hate them all, ha ha, then please click the button down below for ALL the recent Backgrounds we have posted:
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WE CAN BE HEROES - The Justice League Joins The Fight To Help End The Hunger Crisis in the Horn of Africa

DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers have created a Campaign to help fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. It's called "WE CAN BE HEROES" and it will use the JUSTICE LEAGUE characters as a vehicle (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg).

WE CAN BE HEROES will support the efforts of three humanitarian aid organizations working in Africa: Save the Children, International Rescue Committee and Mercy Corps.

The region is suffering its worst drought and famine in over 60 years, with 13 million in need of critical assistance and 250,000 facing starvation in Somalia alone.

Basically, if I got the information right, DC Entertainment will match each dollar donated until two million dollars has been distributed over the next two years. One way they will be raising funds is through the sale of special merchandise. This includes a WE CAN BE HEROES T-Shirt ( shown up above ), an iPhone Cover, Water Bottle, and Ceramic Coffee Mug. You can make direct donations, learn more about the project, or purchase the special items via their WE CAN BE HEROES website, click here.

January 24, 2012

BATMAN AND ROBIN - Huge Graffiti Art Wall Mural Celebrates 70 Years Together!

OK, I'm not exactly sure where this BATMAN AND ROBIN Wall Mural is, I'm thinking maybe Argentina, but it's AWESOME! It looks like it was done on the side of an Old Barn & it's HUGE! It sort of makes a statement about how "Batman and Robin" have been Crime-Fighting Partners, for over 70 years! Ha Ha Ha! I love this thing! Have you seen any cool Graffiti Art celebrating the Dark Knight? If so, please send us some pics & also let us know where you saw it.

AN EVENING WITH ADAM WEST - January 28th, This Saturday!

We already posted this news on the Bat-Blog but I thought since it's closer to the event some people might need a reminder. Yes! ADAM WEST is going to appear LIVE on the stage of the Jon Lovitz Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The event is this Saturday, January 28th, 2012. Our friend from KROQ Radio, Ralph Garman, is going to be hosting an "Inside The Actor's Studio" style interview that will last for 2 hours, they will talk about Adam's life and long career. Tickets are on sale now and are expected to sell-out. So, get yours now! For more info, click HERE!

Dee's Freakin Awesome BATMAN / JOKER TATTOO Art Photo!

Check out this totally cool BATMAN/JOKER TATTOO Photo sent in by our Friend Dee who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina! The design is mostly "Batman" but you can see the Joker's smile in the background. I also like the use of "Flying Bats" as kind of a filler for the negative space, well done. The Tattoo Artist's name is Walter Velazquez ( Photo by Nicolas Kremenchuzky ) and he did a brilliant job! Thanks for sharing this Dee, it's GREAT! If any other Bat-Blog Fans end up getting some ink done then please remember to share your pics too.
CLICK HERE For More Photos of Batman Tattoo Art Tattoos of The Joker!

January 23, 2012

BATMAN WALLPAPER of THE JOKER - The Art of Jorge Baeza!

Here at the BAT-BLOG.COM we totally love creativity in every form, especially Graphic Art. So, when we recently came across some fun Batman-inspired artwork by our Facebook Friend Jorge Baeza we knew it had to be shared. Jorge has done Illustrations for many mainstream Magazines including GEEK Monthly, HD Review, etc.. The cool thing is he was nice enough to make us an actual Wallpaper Background of THE JOKER for this site!! Check it out, it's AWESOME! Also, to view even more fun art, be sure to click here and check out his website called PIXEL CREATURES! ( Thanks Jorge! )
CLICK HERE For More FREE BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Film Wallpaper Backgrounds!

MURDER AT WAYNE MANOR - Batman Book Hits the Bargain Bin

OK, Many BAT-BLOG Fans might remember the BATMAN: MURDER AT WAYNE MANOR Interactive Book that came out a few years ago ( 2008 ), it was really cool! Well, some friends up in New Jersey told us their friend recently found it in the Bargain Bin at Barnes and Noble for $6.95! Yes, Around Seven Bucks! The original Retail Price was about $25 so this is a great deal. On a side-note: I just checked Amazon and it's on sale there for $10 but they also have used copies from Book Dealers for around 3 dollars. But hey, you gotta pay postage on that so it looks like the B&N thing is still the better deal! Plus, you get it right away, ha! Thanks to BatDave & BatChick for sharing this fun info. By the way, that's "BatChick" in the photo up above, hiding behind the book!


A cool YouTube Site called COMIC VINE used to do these extremely interesting news stories called "3-Minute Expert". Basically, they would pick a comic book character & tell their origin history, all within three minutes. Here's one they did on the "Secrets of The Batcave".

CLICK HERE For More Batman Video!

January 22, 2012

The NEW 52 - JUSTICE LEAGUE BATMAN Action Figure From DC Direct

Around early May of this year, 2012, be sure to look for the "NEW 52 - JUSTICE LEAGUE BATMAN" DC Direct Action Figure to hit the stores! This is the first figure in an ongoing line based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s best-selling JUSTICE LEAGUE Comic Books. It will measure approx 6 3/4" tall and will also be specially packaged. The exact Release Date is May 2nd.


OK, a few months from now you might want to start keeping your eye out for the next latest BATMAN: BLACK AND WHITE STATUE titled "The New 52". Designed by Jim Lee and sculpted by Paul Harding. This is the most recent "comic book version" of the Dark Knight. The Figure measures approx. 5 1/2” high x 6” wide x 5” deep. It will have a Suggested Retail Price of $80.00 and will go on Sale: May 9th, 2012.


According to the Bat-Blog History Files today is a great day! Today, January 22nd, the Legendary Comic Book Artist Marshall Rogers was born in Flushing, New York ( a Borough of Queens ). In High School he was inspired by a Mechanical Drawing class and decided he wanted to be an Architect. But later, after attending Kent State University, he discovered that Calculus was just wayyy too hard, ha! Plus, he wanted to be more creative. So he decided to try working as an Illustrator.

He submitted work to Marvel Comics but that didn't lead anywhere. He worked odd jobs to support himself while acquiring small assignments from small Magazines. Then, a big break! He started his comic book career working for Atlas, a short-lived comics publisher. They claimed his work was "too detailed", took too long to draw. It was around this time that he got another big break. He started doing small jobs for DC Comics. His first, was "retouching" reprints of 1940's Batman stories. But this wasn't enough so he tried getting more work at both Marvel & DC Comics. Marvel gave him his 1st big assignment working in their Magazine division. He began drawing "The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu" where he worked with Chris Claremont doing "Iron Fist" stories.

Now, here's the part where he really becomes a part of Bat-History! Around 1977 he began working with the Writer Steve Englehart on a, now classic, Batman storyline that ran in Detective Comics #471 thru 476. This was the famous "Joker's Laughing Fish" story. This event also heavily influenced the 1989 Tim Burton BATMAN Movie. It's also important to note that later Rogers began work on the BATMAN Newspaper Comic Strip that ran from November 6, 1989 to August 3, 1991. To check that out, just click HERE!

Sadly, Rogers passed away on March 24th, 2007. He was found by his Son & the Family reports that he had a heart attack. Also, the Coroner reported that he, "might have been dead for a few days". Among Batman Fans, Friends & Family he is greatly missed. His work in the 1970's and 80's is right up there with the works of Dennis O'Neil/Neal Adams and Jim Aparo. Classic stuff!! I have a few Friends who state that they had met him at various Comic Book Conventions & they all said, "He was a really nice guy, very talkative & quite friendly".

Much of Rogers' work is now considered vastly important and some of his work was collected in two early Graphic Novels titled, "Batman: Strange Apparitions" & "Batman: Dark Detective". Then, later, and actually very recent, a more definitive Graphic Novel was created called "The Legends of the Dark Knight by Marshall Rogers". This book reprints: Detective Comics # 468, 471-479, 481, Legends of the Dark Knight # 132-136, Batman: Dark Detective # 1-6 and more! Check out this LINK for more details on that.

I apologize for getting kind of carried away with this post, it's almost a "book", ha! But this Comic Book Artist was always a Favorite Childhood Hero of mine. His artwork is really great! Down below I created a "Marshall Rogers Tribute" Wallpaper. I hope you use it as an inspiring background on your desktop.