January 23, 2012

MURDER AT WAYNE MANOR - Batman Book Hits the Bargain Bin

OK, Many BAT-BLOG Fans might remember the BATMAN: MURDER AT WAYNE MANOR Interactive Book that came out a few years ago ( 2008 ), it was really cool! Well, some friends up in New Jersey told us their friend recently found it in the Bargain Bin at Barnes and Noble for $6.95! Yes, Around Seven Bucks! The original Retail Price was about $25 so this is a great deal. On a side-note: I just checked Amazon and it's on sale there for $10 but they also have used copies from Book Dealers for around 3 dollars. But hey, you gotta pay postage on that so it looks like the B&N thing is still the better deal! Plus, you get it right away, ha! Thanks to BatDave & BatChick for sharing this fun info. By the way, that's "BatChick" in the photo up above, hiding behind the book!

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Irv the Nerve said...

I just bought a copy at my local B&N last week. Very cool book!