June 4, 2012

BAT-VIDEO - Ultra-Rare "Batman Fish" Discovered in the Deep Sea!

Some Marine Biologists from Canada recently discovered the ultra-rare "Batman Fish" in the deep sea. They shot this amazing video and their description of it reads:

September 13th,  2011: During a deep-sea (2324m) cable route survey we encountered Batman gliding over a field of pillow lava!

Holy Toledo, what was that strange creature?!

Marine biologist Bill Austin has suggested it is likely a comb jelly (ctenophore). George Matsumoto, a ctenophore (comb jelly) expert at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Research instutute identified it as a lobate ctenophore of the Lampocteis genus.

Comb jellies are jellyfish-like creatures, which swim using groups or rows of cilia. Most comb jellies have cilia strips, running along the lengths of their outer bodies.

All comb jellies are predators. Unique among all animals, comb jellies hunt by squirting glue from specially adapted 'colloblast' cells onto their prey. Comb jellies feed on microscopic larvae, copepods, amphipods and even krill.

There are about 150 known species, ranging in size from several millimetres to 1.5m.

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