June 4, 2012

Cosplay Photos From Wizard World's 2012 Philadelphia Comic Con

Wizard World's Philadelphia Comic Con was last weekend and here's photographic proof that some of our Friends in NJ went to the event. The cool thing is that everybody had a SUPER-GREAT time! As always there were plenty of Batman-Style Cosplay People at the show. The 1st few photos share that & I gotta say that I am totally in LOVE ( real love ) with that Catwoman in the 3rd photo, ha ha, no really! 

The list of characters seen, in order, are: Cute Girl Robin, Batman ( Adam West Version ), Batgirl ( 1966 TV Show ), Batman and Robin ( Modern Comic Book ), Modern Catwoman ( My Future Wife ), The Joker, Deathstroke, Killer Moth, Red Hood, Dr. Hugo Strange ( Arkham City version ), The Huntress and a Golden-Age Catwoman.

Also, seen in a few photos is the 1966 Batmobile Car that was supplied to the event by our good friend John Brown, who is a member of the "Gotham City Supercars Club". Big crowds ALWAYS go crazy goo-goo over that beautiful car, that's for sure!

Two Comic Book Artists that are important to the "Batman Universe" were there: Neal Adams and Arthur Suydam. Something very neat is our Friend BatDave got his very 1st Batman comic that he ever owned signed by Neal Adams, very cool! You can actually see Neal's signature in the photo. Now, the very last photo is the group of Friends of ours who all went to the event and they all look pretty happy. OK, I'm super jealous I didn't get to go, ha!

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