June 4, 2012

New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Action Figures and BATMAN Merchandise in Stores Now!

Here are 2 photo supplied by some friends of the BAT-BLOG that are pretty cool! Batmobilly spotted a DARK KNIGHT RISES Store Display of Action Figures and Vehicles right after the Store Employee just got done putting them out. 

Then, our Friend Marcus spotted these fun BATMAN AND SUPERMAN Fruit-Flavored GUMMY POPS at his Dollar Tree Store! Yes, Superman is trying to leech-off of some of Batman's popularity, again. Thanks Guys for sharing these fun photos. If any other Readers out there spot ANY cool NEW Bat-Merchandise out there then please let us know.

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Javier S said...

I visit your site every now and then. I'm Javier and I'm from Chile. My brother and I (we are both 27) are HUGE Batman fans! We mostly collect figures (DCUC, DC Direct, etc) But we also have some posters, Batmobiles, some villains, etc. It is nice to see a site completely devoted to the Caped Crusader. I love the wallpapers and the info of the new Bat-merchandise. I added you on Facebook. Keep the Bat-signal on!!!!