May 24, 2012

BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS - New Promo Photos from the Future Animated Movie

You might remember from last year "BATMAN: YEAR ONE" was made into a full-length animated feature  by Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment. Well, now another classic story by Frank Miller is going to get the "DC Universe Animated Film" treatment! This movie will take on the iconic 1986 Graphic Novel, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS!

This story doesn't even need an introduction. Basically, it's set in the near future when Bruce Wayne is an aging old man, retired. But because of some new events he is brought out of retirement. This Graphic Novel is so important to Bat-History that I'm sort of shocked they're even trying to to do this in animated form. But, it's got Bruce Timm behind it, as well as an amazing cast, so I know it should be pretty cool!

Here are some recent promo photos that have been leaked. My two favorites are the iconic "Lightning Bolt Flash" picture up above and then getting to see Carrie Kelley again, the 13 year old "Girl Robin". 

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

It's about time! Had always hoped we'd see a live version of this...