May 24, 2012

Batman Fan Meets The Comic Book Legend - NEAL ADAMS!

OK, If you're a BATMAN Fan and you don't know who Neal Adams is, then just please STOP reading my blog! I'm being serious, this guy is a Legend in the Comic Book industry, especially when it involves the Dark Knight. Come on, Neal Adams is an ICON! 

So, we were both very happy and seriously jealous ( JEALOUS! ) to see this wonderful photo of a friend of ours who sent us this photo the other day. This is Frank and he recently got to meet Mr. Adams at a Comic Con. Actually, Frank had commissioned him to do a Batman Sketch, you can see it in the pic and it looks really great! He also said that Mr. Adams was extremely friendly and very gracious. We have heard that before many times so that's cool. 

Hey Frank, thanks for sharing your fun pic and I want that artwork for ME! I mean, it would look so much prettier on MY wall!

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