November 15, 2011


OK, I've been meaning to publish this for awhile but I keep getting sidetracked. So, I decided this morning that I was gonna post it first thing, no matter what! The thing is, before Halloween I kept posting pictures of Batman Costumes ( 2 or 3 every day ) and then, because many people didn't have pics until after the Holiday, we got more pictures later. At one point I was kinda thinking, "Hey, I don't want people to thing that this blog is about nothing but Costumes". Ha Ha!

Whoops, sorry for my long explanation. I just want our friend Nick, who sent us this GREAT Photo, to know that we didn't forget about him or didn't care about this pic. We do, it's very cool and all the Batman-inspired Costumes here are totally insane! ( Be sure to click on it for a larger, more detailed, graphic ). Nick's costume is the "Gaslight Batman". This is a very obscure version of the Dark Knight from the Classic "Batman: Gotham By Gaslight" Elseworlds Graphic Novel set in the 1880's. Nick's suit is really unique & very well done!

Some of Nick's friends were there too and they all had incredible costumes! His friend Josh was Mr. Freeze, Amos was the Joker, and you can see Paul as Ra's Al Ghul! Every single one of these outfits are extremely impressive! A special thanks goes out to these guys for sharing this wonderful event, especially Nick.

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Josh said...

That's cool. The guy in the Batman costume, his costume looks great. It looks like he's wearing an actually suit from the movie, as opposed to a store-bought replica.