November 15, 2011

The Fire Department in Roselle, NJ are True Batman-Inspired Heroes!

Over the next few days we have a few more photos to share from the NJ COMIC EXPO event where, this year, they celebrated the 1966 Batman TV Show and Movie. Shown here is a new Friend to the Bat-Blog. His name is Jeff & he's a HUGE Batman Fan! In fact, he got to meet Lee Merriwether ( 60's Movie Catwoman ) and stand next to the Original 1966 Batcopter! He's also a local Fireman in the town of Roselle, New Jersey. Check out this special T-Shirt he had made for his Fire Department Members. They all love Batman too, I guess, because they have adopted the '66 Bat-Logo as their symbol! They are the 4th Battalion and that's why the logo parody says, "Batt-4"... AWESOME!!

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Reno1955 said...

When I was a volunteer firefighter, our Fire Association was always looking for fund-raising ideas so we could put back into the community with various fire prevention programs. If Roselle FD operates the same, they could make a small fortune selling these t-shirts. I know I want one.