November 14, 2011

New BATMAN WINTER GEAR Products in Stores Now!

Here at the BAT-BLOG.COM we not only share the love of collecting older Vintage Batman Toys but we try to report about all the totally brand-new merchandise that's out there. As Serious Bat-Collectors we even love the new stuff, ha! So, here's some fresh products that our Friend and Bat-Reporter, BATMOBILLY, spotted at a Target Store the other night. Here's some BATMAN Licensed Winter Wear!! There are 2 BATMAN-LOGO Toboggan Caps and a Pair of Gloves! ( Hey, what is that "Transformers" crap doing in the photo, ha! ) I really like both of these hats. If I had to chose I'd say the top one, I like the BIG Bat-Symbol. Thanks Batmobilly! Hey, if anyone else spots some new Bat-Merchandise while roaming the retail stores then please let us know.

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