November 14, 2011

NJ COMIC EXPO - BATVENTION PHOTOS - 1966 Batman TV Show and Movie Reunion

A few days ago the Bat-Blog.Com told you about the NJ COMIC EXPO "2011 Batvention Event" in Teaneck, NJ that happened last weekend. Well, Ace Bat-Repoter BatDave was there & got some amazing photos to share! The event was a Celebration of the 1966 BATMAN TV Show! Well, I should also say "the BATMAN Movie" too because the Guest of Honor was none other than CATWOMAN herself, Lee Merriwether!

Like we reported, many other Actresses from the 60's TV Show were there. They appear in the photos up above & it looks like they all had a great time. Batdave's friends, The Gotham City Supercars Club, were there with their incredible Batmobile Replica Cars. A guy named Batrodz even showed up with a wonderful 1966 Batcycle Replica Motorcycle ( Check out his Custom Batman Helmet! ). Captain Gene Nock was there with his Original 1966 Batcopter. That was very special because Lee Merriwether and that Original Bat-Vehicle both appeared in the 1960's BATMAN Film.

There were also a ton of wonderful Cosplay People all showing off their fun costumes. Whew! It looks like it was a totally great event, I wish I could have been there! Oh yeah, a special "Thank You" goes out to BatDave for getting all these awesome pics together. If anyone else went to this event and wants to share some pics then please let us know.

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