November 9, 2011


For this week's "Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday" I thought I would post some BATMAN WALLPAPERS that kind of celebrate a few brand-new BATMAN PRODUCTS out there that are fun! The 1st one is a nice photo of the 2011 BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM Batmobile Hot Wheels Car made by Mattel. I got one of these recently, it's a cool toy!

Now, I know the 2nd one is kinda crazy but I really love these Batman Shoes! Our friend Andy, who lives in the UK, told us about these special Converse Sneakers ( Kid's Size Only, yeah bummer! ) that are sold in England. They have awesome "Batmobile" graphics on them!

The last Background is a nice hi-res shot of the next NEW 2012 LEGO BATMAN BATCAVE, which is not out yet, but is featured here because it's so AWESOME!

OK, I know these are strange backgrounds but they are fun, please give one a try. Also, be sure to check the Bat-Blog Archives on the left-hand side of this page, near the middle, to see many more. Plus, for all the recent ones we have posted you can be lazy & just click the button down below, ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

Just ordered my Batmobile Tennis Shoes.
Thanks for all the readers who send in stuff that I might never know about.
Thanks for the help in draining my checking account!

Scott said...

You gotta love the Hot Wheels Batmobile!!I love Hot Wheels cars!!