November 12, 2011

BATMAN AUCTION NEWS - Rare ROBIN PEZ Dispenser Sells For Over $1500

Just recently, on evil eBay, a Rare ROBIN The Boy Wonder PEZ CANDY Dispenser Prototype sold for $1540.00, wow! Back in the 1970's the PEZ CANDY Company came out with a set of DC Comics Superhero Dispensers. They made Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and The Penguin. Now that was not a big deal really. They came out with new characters all the time. But the thing about these that were special were that they had "rubber heads" instead of the regular hard plastic ones. PEZ experimented with this on occasion & there are a few "Rubber Heads" out there. I don't know if they were created for safety reasons or to lower the cost of production, who knows.

But as a manufacturing company PEZ needed to create promotional literature to send to Retail Store chains so these places would order their product. So, from time to time, they would make these "fake PEZ" for the photographs, usually, before production happened. Most of the time they had already created a mold in which to make the product. OK, for a promo photo they added some ROBIN PEZ that they were considering. Why he was dropped nobody knows but my guess is that they thought he would not sell very well ( everybody will want "Batman" ) or they wanted a "Girl PEZ" to make sure that Moms bought these toys for their Daughters too. That might explain the weird fact that there is a "Wonder Woman" mixed in with all these Batman characters.

So now this long-winded story ( sorry ) gets to the modern-day Auction. This eBay Seller had somehow come across this RARE "Robin" Prototype that was still "MINT in Original Package" & never produced on a large scale. Like, I don't know the exact numbers, but they might have only made 10 of these & then how many of these exist today? So, in both the PEZ collecting world and Batman Memorabilia this ROBIN PEZ is super-rare!


Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe its just me or maybe MEGO and PEZ had some of the same designers at some point.....but the head on that "PEZ Robin" looks EXACTLY like the head on the MEGO Robin from the early 70s. Could someone have been hoaxed on this one?

Anonymous said...

No one was hoaxed, this is a Mego head Robin. Pez teamed up with them back in the 70's to design the soft heads for DC to my knowledge. This is not the only Robin that has been for sale.