November 4, 2011

New BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT Toys - Mini Mez-itz Figures Box Sets by Mezco!

Next year, around April 2012, be sure to keep an eye out for these special DARK KNIGHT MOVIE 2" Mini Mez-itz Figures and Toy Vehicles made by MEZCO. They will be sold in different boxed sets. The 1st one will feature the TUMBLER Batmobile & it comes with a Mini-Batman 2" Mez-itz Figure.

The next one will also be a "Vehicle Boxed Set" & it comes with Batman, The Joker, and The Bat-Pod Motorcycle all packaged together in a special collector window box.

Then, a 3rd Set will have four 2" Mez-itz Figures and you'll get Batman, The Joker, Scarecrow and Two-Face!

Then, the last 2 photos show some BATMAN and JOKER Figures that are going to be a little bigger, at 6" tall ( and also, sold separately ).

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Anonymous said...

Why anyone likes these mezit things are beyond me!