November 4, 2011

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Filming in Newark, New Jersey

The Bat-Blog's Ace Bat-Reporter BatDave shared a few pics with us last night of the BATMAN, THE DARK KNIGHT RISES movie filming in Newark, New Jersey. He didn't catch any Actors running around but that's because they were filming the whole day underground. I guess, down in the Subway System. But, he said the cool thing was that they had turned the Battery Park area into Gotham City! Shown here are some of the fake signs they created. Stuff like, "Gotham Transit Authority" or "Gotham Library"...funny! He also saw this huge crane with lighting equipment. Now, BatDave had to leave, but his friend Don stayed really late and got a photo of himself standing 5 feet away from Gary Oldman! Yes, Jim Gordon! We hope to post that later but for now these "Fake Signs" are pretty great! One last thing, these signs seem like some crazy-insane detailing because, are we even going to actually "see them" in the movie?!

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