November 6, 2011

More THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Filming in Newark, New Jersey

The other day we posted some photos here at the BAT-BLOG.COM from our friend & Ace Bat-Reporter BATDAVE. He traveled to where THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie was filming in Newark, New Jersey & got some fun pics. Well, Batdave had to leave early but his friend Don stayed behind and he got even more pictures for us ( Thanks Don!! ).

The first one is a very pretty girl expressing her political support for the movie by holding up an "Occupy Gotham City" sign!

Next up is an actual photo of Don. He spotted one of the many "Gotham City Police Department" Movie Prop Vehicles that were up & down the street. I like the expression on his face. To me it says, "Yeah, I'm gonna come back later tonight & STEAL this thing!" ( Ha! Just kiddin' Don! But you know you were thinking that for a few seconds, ha! ) Then we get a great view of one of the GCPD Utility Trucks.

You might remember our previous post where we shared "Fake Signs" that were all over the street making it look like a real Gotham City. Well, here is a Transit Sign of Gotham's Subway System. Wow! What detail!!

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