October 22, 2011

ADAM WEST TRIBUTE WALLPAPER By Graphic Artist Andy Fish Celebrates 45th Anniversary of The 1966 BATMAN TV Series

Last night we got this awesome ADAM WEST BATMAN TRIBUTE WALLPAPER that was made by our friend, Graphic Artist Andy Fish. The artwork is very cool & has a 1960's POP ART feel about it. Which, is totally appropriate because it's meant to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of The 1966 BATMAN TV Series. Wow, 45 years! Man, I really feel old now, ha! I was 2 years old when this TV Show appeared & right from the beginning I was completely hooked, I loved it! Watching it now, as an Adult, I gotta admit that's it's kinda cheesy. But when I was very very little, and Batman or Robin were held in some Crazy Death Trap... I was extremely concerned for their lives, ha! I wanna thank Andy for making this '66 BATMAN WALLPAPER for the Bat-Blog. He did a great job on it & I wanna say that people should check out his other art too. His website is pretty cool & does feature other Batman items, just click HERE!
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