October 22, 2011

The BAT-BLOG.COM Joins The Future!

Long Time Readers of the BAT-BLOG.COM might have noticed a new graphic element on the site today, we plastered a QR-CODE Symbol on our side-bar ( the right-hand side ). It's one of those weird "Barcode Squares" you see a lot now a days. The way it's used is, if you have a Smart Phone ( Apple iPhone, Android, etc ) or Apple iPad Tablet, you take a picture of it. Then, your device can read it & save the information that is embedded inside. This one here has the URL for the site, http://www.bat-blog.com

Last night a few friends of mine all tested it with a nice variety of machines & they all pretty much said that it works really good, whew! So, if YOU have a device where you can do this then we want to invite you to do the same. Thanks!

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