July 29, 2011

More New Photos From BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour in the UK!

Check out these 2 wonderful photos all the way from England. Our friend, Michael, who lives in Leeds, went to the BATMAN LIVE event in the UK ( Super-Jealous! ) & took these pics. The 1st one is an advertising standee of Batman that he saw in the foyer of the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle. I begged him to steal for me but he's a good citizen & would not do it, Ha Ha!

Then, Michael got this great shot of the Official "BATMAN LIVE" Souvenir Merchandise they have on sale. It looks like there are many different T-Shirts to choose from, a few Ceramic Coffee Mugs, a Program Booklet, and even some Batman Cowl Masks! ( Be sure to click on the photo for a larger version ). Great, more cool Bat-Stuff I can't afford, ha! But really, I can't wait till this show hits the USA next year. Thanks Michael for sharing your photos, you ROCK, Sir!

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infrafan said...

I noticed it too, and I think it's just an armed thug, which lends to the idea there's more keeping Batman pinned down and forced to fight Bane. To quote Admiral Ackbar, I believe "IT'S A TRAP!"