July 29, 2011

Question About THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman Movie Teaser Trailer

OK, by now each & everyone of us have seen the brand-new Teaser Trailer for the THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Batman movie, probably more than once. Here's my question. At the end of the trailer we see an image of Batman being confronted by Bane. We really don't get a very good view of Bane but in the background is some guy who standing off in the distance. Does anybody know who this is & is he a major character? Just curious... Oh yeah, you might have to click on the above photo for a larger, sharper, version.


Bubbashelby said...

My guess is that Bane is filming the breaking of the Bat and that guy is just a thug with a camera, filming the action for all of Gotham to see.

Either that, or he's Bane's brother Larry.

Anonymous said...

Could be an insurance adjustor for when Bane applies for medical coverage.
Just my guess tho