July 29, 2011

NEW BATMAN FINE ART PRINT - Tribute To Dick Sprang & Carmine Infantino

Awhile back, right here on the Bat-Blog, we featured some amazing artwork by an Artist named Christopher Franchi. He did this piece that combined a classic iconic image of Batman and Robin, by Carmine Infantino, & he recreated it in the drawing style of Golden Age Comic Book Artist Dick Sprang. I mean, if you're familiar with both of these Artists you can see the combination and it's an extremely awesome image. Well, Chris got it licensed by DC Comics & now it's a Limited Edition Fine Art Print ( only 75 will be made, so, very limited ). It's pretty BIG, measuring about 24" X 36" and is printed on a sturdy, high quality, card stock. It is also signed by the Artist. The thing is, it's now on eBay & I wanted to share this with my Readers because I know a lot of people will want one! For more information, just CLICK HERE!

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