July 27, 2011

BATMAN WALLPAPERS OF THE JOKER - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

Here are 2 Cool Wallpaper Backgrounds of THE JOKER that were submitted by some extremely awesome Bat-Blog Fans! the 1st one is a photo taken the other night at the BATMAN LIVE event in the UK. It was shot by our friend Billy. This is a stage prop where a giant-size JOKER HEAD comes out on stage. The Joker's eyeballs, teeth, & tongue are actually real people and they all tumble out at once, it's a pretty cool visual effect! Next is a Tribute to Brian Bolland's BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE Graphic Novel. This was sent in by a Graphic Artist named Chris Bacon. He took some classic artwork and gave it a whole new look. Thanks Guys, Great Job! Now, be sure to check out our other Batman Wallpapers by clicking the button down below.
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