July 28, 2011

Billy's BATMAN LIVE WORLD ARENA TOUR Adventure in the UK

Last week, in the UK, the BATMAN LIVE World Arena Tour had started & ever since then we have got a ton of personal reports. The good news, all the reviews are really positive. I've been keeping up with this show from the beginning & have been kinda skeptical. I mean, they were either going to make this show amazing or it would totally bomb. Luckily, it's a great event, whew! Here are a few photos sent in by our friend Billy, who is lucky enough to live in the UK. He said the show was totally great! Now, at the show he only had a camera phone but he did manage to get a few nice pics.

In the 1st one we get a really good look at the costumes for Batman and Robin, nice. Next, is a scene where a HUGE Joker Hot Air Balloon appears on stage! Then, the last 2 show the giant-sized bat-shaped video screen. I've heard that this is used to great effect for making transitions to other locations. Plus, it gave the show a great visual effect, like seeing tons of Bats flying across Gotham City or the Batmobile driving through the city. Oh yeah, in the last photo you can see a photo of our friend Billy. Yes, photographic proof that he was there, ha!

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