April 2, 2011

New THE DEATH OF BATMAN - Special Comic Books in Chile

Right now there's a book publishing company in Chile called LA TERCERA who are planning to come out with a collection of 12 books of Batman stories called "LA MUERTE DE BATMAN"( "The Death of Batman", in Spanish ). Basically they're gonna be "reprint comics" in book form. It really sounds like a very cool foreign Batman item to add to a collection. I'm not really sure if they are hardback or soft cover. They are also giving away 3 different posters as the promotion continues. Sorry, their website has totally weak information ( Plus, it's in a foreign language I can't read, ha! ) so as soon as I learn more I'll let everybody know. In the mean time, here's a link to their page, click HERE! If you visit the site be sure to scroll down to see a cool "Motion Comic" Video! ( Thanks Rubén )

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