March 31, 2011

New Eaglemoss BATMAN AUTOMOBILIA Die-Cast Batmobile Series

Eaglemoss Collections, the UK company that brought us the cool "DC Superhero Figurines", is now coming out with a new collection of Batmobiles! These new cars are die-cast, 1:43 Scale, & come inside a presentation case that has a 3D lenticular backdrop. Also, each car comes with a collectible 12-page magazine that gives the history of the vehicle. The 1st car in the BATMAN AUTOMOBILIA Series will be the Batmobile from the 1989 Batman Movie! Then, they're making the 1966 Batmobile from the Classic TV Show!

Here's a list of the five cars in the 1st wave:
  1. 1989 Batman Movie
  2. 1966 Batman TV Show
  3. 2005 Batman Begins Movie
  4. 2009 Comic Book Version
  5. 1944 Comics Version

They plan on continuing the collection & those cars, in the 2nd wave, will include: 1992 The Animated Series, 1985 Comic Book Version, 1939 Comics, 1995 Comics, & 2008 The Dark Knight Movie Bat-Pod!

Oh man, these sound really great! Plus, the production photos of the 1st five cars so far look really really good, I'm totally excited!! Now the bad news: I gotta say that these cars will take a little trouble to find in the US. You see, they're made in the UK exclusively for the European Market & will only be made available in the USA through special outlets. One rumor I've heard is that they might be distributed through Diamond Distributors, they supply American Comic Book Stores with product. So, you might check one of those. Another source will be a few online stores that do ship in the US. Once I get that list compiled I will be doing another post here so be sure to stay tuned to the Bat-Blog!


standardman said...

Subscribing the hell out of that

Anonymous said...

Hey batfans, can anyone tell me where does the 2009 version of the Batmobile appear? In an animated series? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I already collect the superhero collection & blackest night magazines and figures. This is getting added to the list, thanks for highlighting it.

Richard said...

The 2009 Batmobile is from the new Batman and Robin comic series with Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian as Robin.

Anonymous said...

Its just been released here in UK and I,m very tempted to get the 1966 Adam West car but how many issues in total.One might be better off looking for the range of Corgi Batmobiles and related models.Could well be cheaper.But I,d like to know how many issues this will run to.

Anonymous said...

They say they are producing around 80 models!

Tom Jinks said...

I really wish I would have just got the hot wheels cars so not worth £10 I mean issue 13 detective comics #601 has rong batman logos on side and even has nolans movie bat logo on the dashboard