April 2, 2011

BAT-MANGA WALLPAPERS! Seen on Batman The Brave and The Bold

Included here, for your viewing pleasure, are a few BATMAN WALLPAPERS I made this morning using images from the recent "Batman: The Brave and The Bold" TV Cartoon where they did a parody of Mad Magazine, Japanese Bat-Manga, & Scooby Doo! I wanted to totally hype this episode on my blog & YouTube page, before it came out, but the WB Publicity Department sent the promo package late ( I'm really getting tired of that crap! )

Anyways, the episode was yesterday & it was one of the very best so far! There was a part of the show where they showed Bat-Mite, in his own dimension, where he displays his personal Batman Toy Collection ( Check out the 2nd Wallpaper ). He had a special room with display cases of cool vintage stuff. Plus, there were cool pieces of bat-memorabilia just floating around.

Now, the part that was extra special for me is that I know the guy who contributed all the rare Batman toy photos. I'm not sure if I can say who he is but he's a very good friend & I was very very proud to see his stuff on the show. Plus, I know he must have been going crazy seeing it on TV, ha!

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