March 31, 2011

BATMAN NEWS: Bruce Wayne Went To Yale University!!

Batman is on the cover of this month's YALE Alumni Magazine! No, seriously! Some very serious Scholars have done a lot of research and found more than one example of proof that Bruce Wayne, while in his early "Batman training days", had gone to Yale & even got a Diploma! They cite "Detective Comics # 439, page 16" where there's an image of Batman standing in Bruce Wayne's office & it shows a framed YALE Diploma on the wall, ha! They also use the proof from another piece of Bat-Hstory where Batman is looking at a Wayne Family Photo Album & there's a picture of his Grandfather wearing a Yale Football Uniform & there's some comment about 3 generations of the Wayne Family going there. There are also many more fun references that are total proof that "Batman Went To Yale", ha! For the complete story be sure to visit the YALE Alumni Magazine website, just click HERE!

Side Note: Remember that there are different articles to read online, just look for the "March/April 2011" issue.

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ozz said...

Interesting stuff.