March 16, 2011

NEW BATMAN BACKGROUNDS - Wacky Wallpaper Wednesday!

OK Boys and Girls! It's Wednesday, so you know what that means... Wacky Wallpapers!! This 1st one is totally amazing! It's a beautiful retro-style image of BATMAN created by Graphic Artist Chris Franchi. Actually, it's the "top half" of a poster he's working on. The image is an homage to the work of 2 major Batman Comic Book Artists from the past, Carmine Infantino and Dick Sprang. I love the use of the benday dots & the very slightly off-register color. It looks like an enlarged photo of a comics page... COOL! The next Wallpaper is a detail shot of an original Animation Cel from the BATMAN BEYOND Animated Series. I've always loved this TV show & hope others will like this too. ( A Special Thanks goes out to Chris Franchi for sharing his artwork, it's great! )

Do you want to see MORE Batman Wallpapers? Well, click the button down below. This will show you some recent backgrounds we have posted . Scroll down through them & then, when you get to the end of those, click on the "PREV" BUTTON to continue. If you keep going you'll eventually see every Bat-Wallpaper we have posted...there are hundreds!
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