January 24, 2011

Scott McMahon's BATMAN INSPIRED Comic Book Art

Here at the Bat-Blog we recently came across a very interesting website called SCOOT SKETCHES! Basically, it's the personal journal of a Graphic Artist named Scott McMahan who is trying to tell adventure stories with fun and colorful characters inspired by his childhood. The main focus is Batman along with many super-villains like Catwoman, Bane, Joker, etc... Scott's art style is sort of like the stuff you would see in Children's books. It's kind of cartoon-like & simple. Wait, I guess a better word would be "minimal". Another interesting thing to notice is his pastel color palette. Overall it's pretty excellent stuff. Now, I've shown a few examples here ( Please click on them for larger sharper images ) and if you would like to see more then just click HERE!


Scoot said...

Thanks for posting this Bat-blog.
~Scott McMahon

ozz said...

Catwoman? Bane? Wait a sec! These are actual storyboards for scenes from The Dark Knight Rises, aren't they?!? It's a Bat-blog exclusive!!!