January 23, 2011

Arturo's Wonderful JOKER Costume & Make-Up Photos

One of the greatest things I love about doing the Bat-Blog is getting to meet Batman Fans from all over the world. Here are some photos sent-in by a friend named Arturo. He lives in Mexico & wanted us to see his JOKER costume he made for a party. It looks like everybody had a fun time! The costume is very well done & the funny thing is that he had a mustache ( which he didn't shave off ) & he covered it with white make-up in honor of Cesar Romero, the Actor who played the Joker in TV's 1966 BATMAN! Now, how cool is that?! Whoops, I guess I should explain that, back in the 1960's, Romero refused to shave his trademark mustache & left it on to become the Joker. They just covered it with white make-up & it's always been sort of an unusual piece of Bat-History. Thank you for sending the wonderful photos Arturo!

1 comment:

Arturo said...

I forgot to tell you about the Catwoman in the far left.
Thanks for posting it! :)