January 24, 2011

BATMAN AND ROBIN Toon Tumbler Glass - DC Comics 75th Anniversary

Here's a brand-new Batman product we recently came across that is totally cool! This is a BATMAN AND ROBIN GLASS made to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of DC Comics. This was a special promo glass made by Toon Tumblers for the Baltimore Comic Con. The glass features different artwork on both sides that was taken from a few vintage BATMAN comic book covers. One represents the 1940's Golden Age ( Batman # 9 ) & the other is more Modern-Day ( Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder # 9 ). I guess it's also important to note that the artists are Dick Sprang & Jim Lee. I have shown the original covers here for reference. I have always loved this iconic image of "Batman & Robin in The Spotlight"...it's Classic! For more information about this product just click the button down below ( But please keep in mind that if it doesn't show-up in a search that it is sold-out & will be available later ).

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