January 3, 2011


Today I am feeling totally exhausted, I got NO sleep last night, so this is going to be a very lazy posting, ha ha! I decided to post a few BATMAN WALLPAPERS you can use to brighten your desktop's background. But before you hate me, they're pretty cool and I think/hope you'll like them! The 1st one uses some graphics you can see on the new 1966 Bat-Boat Model kit by Polar Lights. It's sort of retro-looking, so that's neat. The next one is kinda weird. It's a wood grain background with some hi-res scan of some 1960's comic book art drawn by Carmine Infantino, a Bat-Fan favorite!
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1 comment:

ozz said...

I've got a drinking glass from the late '70s that features a drawing very similar to the one in the second pic. On the glass, though, it's a head to toe drawing.