November 5, 2010

Batman's THE JOKER Desktop Wallpaper Backgrounds!

OK, I'm sort of doing this post as a special request. Recently I started to use a new "1440 x 900 Resolution Size" for Batman Wallpapers & a Bat-Blog Fan named Richard requested a few in this size of the JOKER. He kind of left it up to me to pick the images so I went with "something old, something new". That way, more people are happy, ha! First is the "old". This is a delicious photo of Cesar Romero as The JOKER from the 1966 BATMAN TV Show. He looks very satisfied with some evil thing he did, ha! Now, the next 2 backgrounds are the same image of a cool JOKER TOY but I thought that making a black & white version would be interesting. What do you think?
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