November 7, 2010

New BATMAN TOYS - DC Comics Cubees Paper Craft Figures

We have featured many different Paper-Craft Toys at this site before & they're always very popular. Here are some new ones we recently came across that are pretty cool. An Artist named Joshua Wolf has created a huge amount of DC Superheroes Toys you can make. Basically you just print them on card stock, cut them out, & fold/glue them into shape ( Warning: This activity is very addictive ). I'm just showing a few examples here: Batman, Alfred Pennyworth, and the Red Hood / Jason Todd. But there are many more, like Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl, The Huntress, Azrael, Nightwing, Ace The Bat-Hound, & many more! Just click HERE!

1 comment:

DrNobody said...

Thank you for posting my Bat-related Cubees!! Glad that you like them, and hope you like the 60's Bat-Cubees I'll be making some time in the near future!! :^D

As a side note: is there any way to follow the blog, or is that disabled?