August 2, 2010

New HOT WHEELS BATMOBILE Cars & IMAGINEXT BATMAN Action Figures From Mattel for 2011

OK, Here's some more fresh news from Mattel that was presented at this year's 2010 San Diego Comic Con & I'm sort of reporting on 2 different toy lines here, Hot Wheels & Imaginext Action Figures. The 1st photo shows a few new HOT WHEELS Batmobile cars to keep an eye out for ( But don't start camping out at Toys-R-Us tonight because these won't come out for a while - just stay tuned to the Bat-Blog because you know that when they come out we will be spazzing-out, ha!). It looks like they'll have some interesting new Batmobiles in 2 different series. One is the "Custom Motors" line & the other one is the "Color Shifters". The Custom Motors car is the Tumbler Batmobile from The Dark Knight movie & it looks like you'll be able to customize it like a model kit or something. I don't think I have ever seen this toy line before & it looks pretty interesting. Now the next one is the Color Shifters car & it looks like the Batmobile from the 1989 BATMAN movie, awesome! I've seen these before & they're kinda neat. They have special paint that changes color when you put them in hot water. This one has "flames" on the hood. Now the next major toy line covered here is the IMAGINEXT Action Figures, Vehicles, & Accessories. I know these are made for small children ( which is great ) but I gotta admit that I totally love these! The main 2 things to share here is the Batman figure with his Bat-Boat & Killer Kroc with his Swamp Boat. Plus, if you look at the picture with the Batboat, you'll also see the Riddler with his Riddler Car...awesome!

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