August 2, 2010

New DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS Action Figures & ACTION LEAGUE Mini-Figures From Mattel for 2011

OK Kids, here's some really great photos to totally drool over, ha! While at the 2010 Comic Con the Mattel Toy Company gave a presentation of some upcoming toys they will release later this year & early 2011. This post is about their DC UNIVERSE CLASSICS Action Figures & we're mainly covering the Batman-related characters. As you can see they're gonna make some really great figures for this series. Just to be clear, what is shown here is "WAVE16". Wave 14 is shipping now & Wave 15 will come out in early fall. But back to Wave 16, look at what they have here! We got AZRAEL from the 1993 Knightfall storyline, the Villain BANE looking all buff & mean, The RIDDLER ( looking like he's from the Silver-Age, cool! ), & 2 different versions of Dick Grayson as ROBIN, The Boy Wonder! The Robin figures look the same to me except for the heads. One kind of looks like he's from the 1940's, while the other one reminds me of the 1970's Super Friends. Please tell me, which Robin do you like the best? Alright, now the very last photo is some of the mini-figures from the ACTION LEAGUE series. They're gonna have a ton of these of Superman, Green Lantern, etc...but here are 2 favorites, Batman & The Joker! I really like these, they're pretty cool!

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