August 5, 2010

New BATMAN and JOKER T-SHIRTS From Superhero Stuff

Oh yeah! Over at the Superhero Stuff website they just released a few brand-new Batman T-Shirts that I thought were pretty cool. The 1st one shown here is a special "DC Comics 75th Anniversary" shirt with artwork by Walt Simonson. It's the artwork for the recent Detective Comics cover he did that was an homage to an older Golden Age book cover ( also on the shirt ). The next one is a beautiful CATWOMAN image. This pin-up art was done by none other than Adam Hughes, the master! The last example is one of my favorites. It's a scene from a vintage 1970's Batman Comic Book Cover showing the Joker. The original artist back then was Neal Adams so you know the graphics are sweet! Now, they have many more brand-new Batman T-Shirts & other merchandise in right now so if you wanna check them out just click the button down below, thanks.

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