August 5, 2010

Japanese Batman BAT-MANGA Desktop Wallpaper Background!

Check out this BATMAN BAT-MANGA Japanese Style Wallpaper!! Our buddy Saul sent us this graphic he found on the web that I thought would be totally beautiful as a desktop background ( Thanks Saul ). The artwork is totally inspired by the art of Jiro Kuwata, who was the Japanese manga comic book artist who created some original Batman stories back in the 1960's. His work was the focus of the recent "Bat-Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan" book by Chip Kidd. Speaking of artists, the guy who created this image is named Jordan Gibson and he lives in Austin, Texas. So, I wanna thank him for letting us use his artwork. If you wanna see more of his work ( and you should because it's cool ) then here's a LINK!
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1 comment:

Matt G said...

this gibson guys' stuff is great. those are some kick-ass movie posters.