August 5, 2010

New BATMAN TOYS Funko Force 2.0 Mini-Figures!

Right here at the Bat-Blog, about a week or so ago, we announced a brand-new Batman product coming out in October 2010 from Funko. They are some 3 3/4 inch mini-figures called "Funko Force 2.0", and they're AWESOME! Well, at the time we only had a small picture to show as an example but now we have some beautiful high-resolution pics, here they are! We got Batman, Robin, Batgirl, The Joker, & The Penguin!! There will also be a figure of the Riddler but we don't have a decent photo right now, stay tuned. Oh yeah, Funko Toys will also be making a "Batman Computer Sitter" & "Batmobile Wacky Wobbler Nodder". To check them out, just click HERE!

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