August 11, 2010

CALEB is Robin, The Boy Wonder!!

I love getting photos like this. Young fans who love Batman & Robin, that's so great! Here is our new friend Caleb and don't tell anybody, but in secret, he is Robin, The Boy Wonder! I'm serious, this guy is ready to fight crime in Gotham City! This home-made costume is totally AWESOME! Plus, I like the proud expression on his face. You know he must love wearing this thing, ha! Thank you Caleb for sharing your photos & please tell whoever made this costume for you that they did a wonderful job on it. You look super-cool!


david_b said...

I would have given my left arm for this when I was a kid. And later as a teenager..!!

cynthia said...

When I was a young teen, I was obsessed with Batman. So my best friend and I donned Batman and Robin costumes for Halloween. Wish I had a photo, though I KNOW we weren't as cute as this little one.